The Corsair Gaming MM200 Mouse Mat (CH-9000099-WW) Standard Edition helps improve gameplay by providing a custom-engineered surface optimised for efficient laser or optical sensor tracking.  The MM200 mouse pad’s smooth textile surface, rubber base, and large dimensions make it an ideal accessory to your gaming PC gear.

Built for gaming

The mat’s low-friction surface is exceptionally level and smooth, allowing mice to glide in any direction swiftly.  The weave also enables pixel-precise tracking, allowing you to aim and hit pinpoint targets from far away with great consistency.

Stable base

The all-natural rubber base provides firm support for your mouse and hand.    It stays anchored in place and does not slip or get folded when you pick up and reposition your mouse anywhere on the mat.
The Corsair MM200 gaming mouse mat offers speed, stability, and durability to gamers who want and need a gaming-optimised surface to use when playing highly-competitive games.  Its inherent qualities make it suitable for partnering with any of Corsair’s high-performance gaming mice.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg