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          Website Under Construction

Dear Customers,

PCDIY Boxhill and PCDIY Adelaide will close 09/03/2015 for public holiday.

In order to provide a better shopping experience for you, PCDIY Online Store is currently undergoing its website upgrade/renovation. There are several important things to note during this period:

Online Store
During this upgrade process, the PCDIY Online Shopping Cart & Credit Card Payment System would be unavailable until further notice. Online Orders paying through Direct Deposit can still be made by email to the websales team at websales@pcdiy.com.au.

Retail Stores
Our 3 retail stores are unaffected by the Online Store upgrade, our PDF Pricelist would still be updated on a daily basis to ensure that we still provide you with the "Best Price In Town".

To view our PDF Desktop, Notebooks and Components Pricelist please CLICK HERE!

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